Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mosie // India // Annie

India is not a frail horse by any means.  She is a stunning jet black, with sinuous strong muscles running the length of her legs.  Towering in physique, she generates the power to knock over a sturdy fence with one easy swift kick.  I would not say that I am afraid of horses, but I am in awe of their undeniable power and strength.  So upon entering a shared space with such a fortified being, I could sense India knew I was something unusual in her typical landscape.  As I've worked with horses in the past, I believe that they, like other animals, have an uncanny sense of the human sprit.  They can sense fear, as well as trust and well intentions.  Coming from that angle and taking a deep breath, I brought nothing but trust into the pasture with her.

As Mosie and India were working from afar, I felt India's eyes lock with mine. Continuing with the feeling of trust, I would put my camera down at my side and connect with her.  Within an instant, she started to trot directly toward me, eyes locked from some 500 yards away.  Gaining speed, I always held true to my belief that if I trust, she will trust.  Some twenty seconds later, she stops abruptly about a foot in front of me and I put my hand on her nose.  We stay that way for about thirty seconds, before she returns to Mosie's side.

I believe she repeated this three of four times that afternoon as we were working together.  Mosie, later told me, that was her way of including me in what they were working on together.

I am continually in awe of the work Mosie does with her horses and helping others all over the world to learn techniques free of harm, connecting the horses with their own desires and creativity.

Here is a glimpse into our latest shoot with Annie + India + of course Mosie: