Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fresh Faces: Karissa

Get to know a bit about Karissa - making her Broadway debut in Shuffle Along this Spring!

What is the coolest thing about being a part of a Broadway show from the ground up? 

     It's incredible to witness the creative process and to see an idea evolve into a full-blown production. I love that I've had the opportunity to watch all of the layers come together through George and Savion's collaboration (referencing George Wolfe - director/author + Savion Glover - choreographer and legendary hoofer).  They're both wonderful storytellers in their crafts.  After over a year of working on this, it's amazing to finally see the show on a stage in a theatre with all the works. 

Any life lessons you have learned from someone in your cast? 

      Everyone in this cast is so incredibly talented and wise so it's difficult to pick just one thing they've taught me. But based simply off of what I've observed in the room, I'm seeing how important it is to always reach for more and be fearless about taking risks. Seeing artists of this caliber constantly challenging themselves and exploring new possibilities in the work has given me an understanding of how you get from good to great. 

How do you stay healthy with the crazy rehearsal schedule and long tech hours?

   I make sure to find a quiet corner and rest for a few moments. Taking time for myself to breathe and clear my mind has been a great way to rejuvenate myself throughout the day. 

We are so excited for Karissa and her debut this Spring! Be sure to check her out - Shuffle Along is currently in Previews and Opens April 28, 2016

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Kelly is a fabulous example of capturing the "many sides of you" when it comes to shooting headshots.  While casting and agents may try to pigeon hole actors into one particular type category, don't sell yourself short when it comes to capturing all that you are as a person and actor.  Ultimately, she may settle on two main headshots to use for casting submissions, yet Kelly now has a variety of shots to choose from when it comes to more specific opportunities, not to mention a sampling of images to represent her personality for her website, casting sites, and social media.

You can catch this talented young lady playing Caroline in the Off-Broadway show Trip of Love!

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Brooklyn, NY

Meet Ashley, a woman of many talents, who is currently working behind the scenes as part of the wardrobe team at the Tony Award winning show, The King and I.  With impeccable skill and an infectious smile, working with Ashley is a dream.  We set out to capture her quirky personality and unique style during our session together in Brooklyn.  I wanted her to walk away with a variety of photos that represent not only her at this time in her life, but her brand as an artist and creative.  I strive to produce images for my clients that will inspire their next big idea, project, blog or website.

Cheers to Spring my friends!

Model: Ashley Timm // Hair + Makeup: Jill Haley // Styling: Lisa Jane Wright

Friday, March 18, 2016

Christen + Antonio

Coney Island, Brooklyn

Taking that playful leap of faith with Christen + Antonio ☂

I loved every second hanging with this adventurous + fun power couple in Coney Island.  Recent transplants to NYC, Christen and Antonio have travelled the world together and are now taking on the big city as their home.  With a beach specific vision, we lucked out because it was warm enough to bring it to life, yet quiet, as not many people head to the water in February.  Take a glimpse at our playful time together at the water's edge...