Sunday, October 1, 2017

Julia + David


Paper Factory Hotel - NY

A radio manufacturing factory in the 1920s turned paper factory in the 1970's, this industrial boutique hotel has quite a bit of history behind it and a fitting location for this New York City couple.  Julia and David's story began in 2005 when Julia first moved to New York City from California.  Who knew that she would meet her future husband upon arriving in the bustling city?  Well, she let nine years go by before realizing it herself, after rekindling a friendship with David that quickly turned into love.  These two performing artists chose the Paper Factory Hotel to start their next chapter, with a timeless wedding surrounded by their boisterous friends and family (including a one of a kind rendition of the opening of Alexander Hamilton by her sister as a tribute to their history).  A bit of rain on the horizon, the hotel was able to accommodate a quick turnaround from an outside ceremony to an intimate indoor moment for the couple and guests, followed by a night of revelry in the dimly lit speakeasy lounge, reminiscent of a time when Prohibition ruled and love reigned the night.

Makeup: Danielle Arci
Hair: Emilia Martin
Flowers: Quinn Florist
Event Design and Catering: Canard Inc.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Rachel + Jonathan

Roxbury, NY

The sweetness of a late summer's day in the Catskills is remarkable.  Feeling far from the hustle of the city, and a lack of phone reception to help in that beautiful isolation, brings all the focus in on the day at hand.  With humor and immense amounts of love, Rachel and Jonathan infused their day with an infectious amount of joy.  The two met in Pharmacy school in Eerie, PA (the most thoughtful couple, for example - the groom offers me Zyrtec, caring about my personal well being on their own wedding day!) - have since moved west to Oregon, but found the Catskills a perfect fit for the gathering of friends and family.  A crisp morning and lots of laughs with the ladies, followed by a sweet first look on the gorgeous porch of The Roxbury Barn and Estate, to a meandering adventure amongst the apple trees, and the exchange of vows in the pine grove.  The fun was really just beginning as the couple made their way back down to the gorgeous restored barn of the estate, where their friends and family awaited with drinks, local produced cheeses and appetizers, a cake made by the bride's cousin and dancing under the summer sky.  Truly the most romantic day tucked in the gorgeous hills of the Catskills.


Shoes: TOMS
Florals: Roxbury Barn (designed by Kim Mathison)
Caterer: Ate-O-Ate
Cake: Adam Gayne (the Bride's cousin)
Hair/Makeup: Karen Neblung