Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Introspective

Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop. 
- Ansel Adams

I found this quote floating around my musing mind for a good part of this past year.  As I went about 2015 shooting and collaborating, Ansel's words reminded me of the humbling art of photography.

Some wonderful opportunities led me to travel and work in Utah for a length of time, as well as California, and the East Coast.  I felt inspired daily, particularly when I was working in Utah, yet while I was having the time of my life exploring, I also started to notice a certain nagging, a pressure with the advent of social media, to produce the "perfect shot" every single day.  I started to question whether I was creating the work through my own instinct or for Instagram.  At these moments, I would remind myself of the quote above and let it bring me back to the present, because in truth, while there are many photos I love from my travels and collaborations this year, there are a handful of images and moments that seared into my mind as significant:

The Grandness of it All
This image embodies the strength, beauty, and resilience of the life of a dancer. There is an incredible power behind the height of the jump, the illumination of the muscles, the life of his hair.  It is moving to witness and capture artistry in a human being amidst the vastness of the southwest. 
dancer: Jace Coronado
Saint George, Utah

Kanarraville Falls
To hike to a spot as stunning as this and realize the beauty of a trail, both nature and man have made harmoniously,  is a treat.  This image is a "return ticket" to a quiet and perfect moment on on the trail. 
Kanarraville, Utah

Mosie + Annie
I have never been more moved than by witnessing the relationship of Mosie and Annie.  It feels as if I am entering sacred territory when I walk out with the horses and Mosie.  I am humbled, yet open to the energy of the animals. 
This image so clearly captures the honest sincerity of how Annie and Mosie are together. It is simple. The yellowed flowers encase the two making it a clean, focused image with a late sun providing an ethereal glow. 
Mosie Trewhitt Liberty Horsemanship

The Narrows
I will never forget the feeling when I first trudged through this gorgeous narrow canyon, waist deep in water and completely drenched in awe.  The simplicity of this image capturing the water and wind worn rock walls and the flow of the turquoise river, is one of my favorite from this hike.  It reminds me of Ansel Adams in its ability to take on more than just an image of nature, but transforms into something unknown, otherworldly.  
Zion, UT

Zion Magic
It's hard to distinguish which panorama stands out more in my eyes, as each captures the same moment, but from a slightly different perspective. This was one of those incredible, serendipitous moments in which my husband and I pulled over the car to take in the storm view and then one by one, each element aligned before our eyes.  The streaming light on the horizon, the horse, the dark clouds, the rainbow... all never to be repeated again in the same order. 
Zion, Utah

Desert Distress
Lizz helped me bring a dream to life as we set upon the desert on a perfect stormy day in Saint George, UT.  The wind billowing her dress, the dark horizon, the wild vastness of the land juxtaposed against the astute positioning of her body. 
dancer: Lizz Picini
Saint George, Utah

Fog in Central Park
Due to the warm nature of this past Autumn in New York City, the weather patterns have offered some unique perspectives of the city, such as this foggy fall view in Central Park.  Eerie and simple, the white of the fog makes the orange of the trees and fallen leaves pop. 

A Year of Love
Capturing other's love stories is an honor and delight.  I love this woodland image of Jenna + Reed, getting lost in the magic of the trees with not a care or worry in the world. 

Lady Liberty
Late summer sun descends behind a poignant American symbol of liberty, as a helicopter flies overhead.  I find this shot dramatic and unnerving.  It feels post-apocalyptic, a world beyond what we know and see now. 

City Hall
A year of strange weather brought me to shoot this dramatic view of Pasadena's City Hall.  Instead of hiding when it storms, I tend to want to go out and shoot.  To add to it's allure of the building itself, is the rarity of a storm in Southern California, which makes this a unique moment to capture the city landmark. 
Pasadena, CA

Posed on the tip of a yucca plant, this was also shot on a stormy day in California.  The rarity of stormy weather brought on a unique light, which illuminated the angle across the plane of the frame in which the little guy sat and sang to me. 
Pasadena, CA

Timeless, ageless, suspension... This image has the push and pull, the give and take of partnering.  The dancers gorgeous lines create a nice diagonal to the pine in the upper right corner, while the elongation of the dancers remained within the framing of the tunnel. 
dancers: Kei Tsuruharatani + Jenn Gruener
Brooklyn, NY

Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world - John Muir
Mammoth, CA

The serenity of this shot is everything to me.
Happy New Year Friends!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mel + Brandon

Pasadena, CA

While Holiday cheer now descends upon the city, I was lucky enough to celebrate a wee bit early with this gorgeous couple and their pup Brini in Pasadena a few months back.  It may have been a tad warm out, but we conjured the style and feel of a classic Christmas (aside from maybe the cupcakes and lemonade) in sunny California.  I adore this awesome couple and their love, Brini.  Take a glance into their Old Town Pasadena shoot...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Brooklyn, NY

It looks like we may not have a white Christmas this year on the east coast, but the unusually warm fall provides some fantastic shoot weather! Marjorie approached me a few weeks ago with the hopes of re-imagining her website with shots that represent her vibrant yet "old soul" personality and playful spirit.  This actress, dancer and choreographer could truly have been cut from another era and you can see her timelessness emanate in the photos.  She is currently part of the cast of "A Christmas Story" at Paper Mill Playhouse and will be heading back out with "The Little Mermaid" in the New Year.  It was an honor to work with this gorgeous lady and I can't wait to see what comes her way!