Monday, January 23, 2017

Liz + Kris


In this sweet winter elopement, Liz and Kris proved that not all weddings need to be drawn out affairs.  Getting ready at SoHo Grand that morning, I met the couple for a quick meandering photo shoot through the local cobble stone streets.  Soon after, an intimate gathering of friends and family met the pair at the rustic Il Buco, just north of Houston. The ceremony included a serenading by Broadway talent, friends and classic guitar, followed by toasts with wine and laughter a plenty, leaving a glow on the faces of the couple and a warmth that hung in the air.  Nothing could be sweeter than a dusting of snow to greet the newly married couple as they departed the gathering a few hours later.

Location: SoHo NYC
Restaurant: Il Buco
Hair + Makeup + Florals: Bobbie Yanoupeth