Tuesday, November 24, 2015



Taking it up a notch with Austin in Long Island City, our shoot together was anything but your typical photoshoot. Austin and I story-boarded our concept to capture a mood and feel that challenged both actor and photographer in the best way.  By creating a story, you take the "I'm having my photo taken" pressure off the shoulders of your actor, as they are doing what they do best.  With a strong concept, we also collaborated with locals that helped fulfill the vision, not to mention a huge dog that led us to a luxury car spot for the perfect shot.

Take a look at my collaboration with the multi-talented, actor, writer, creator: John Austin Miller 

What story do you walk away with?

Friday, November 20, 2015


Union Square, NYC

When Risa, host of Inconvenient Interviews on Hello Giggles approached me to collaborate on a shoot, I was super excited to scheme up a plan with her.  Hilarious, beautiful and witty, I knew we were going to get some gems as we settled on the Union Square Farmer's Market for our location.  We lucked out with a glorious warm Autumn morning and perfect light, which made everything, including Risa, glow as we flitted about the market.  With lots of laughter, squirrels, and new friends along the way, the photos capture a glimpse of the many sides of this incredible lady.  Check Risa out on Hello Giggles as she interviews celebs in "Inconvenient Interviews w/ Risa" - This lady rocks... watch out world!

Special thanks to The River Garden at the Union Square Farmer's Market for providing the most beautiful flowers and display.  Go check them out! (mon/wed/fri/sat)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Prospect Dance

"It is awe inspiring to witness the ability of a dancer to elongate a moment.  A true artist suspends your belief; they can actually stop time." 
Tension and release - I am constantly seeking the simultaneous use of the body in my shots.  The ease of being present and connecting to the breath, followed by the tension of intention and awareness.  This is the duality I seek when working with my dancers.  Dancers: Kei Tsuruharatani and Jennifer Gruener 

Movement and line - Where do they connect in the plain of a public park, or outdoor space.  How can we connect to the  architecture and structure of a space. w/ Jennifer Gruener

Special thanks to my collaborators and dancers Jennifer Gruener and Kei Tsuruharatani