Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rommel + Sarah

Prospect Park, NY

Bright morning sun meets a crisp Spring day in Prospect Park as I walk up to meet Sarah and Rommel for the first time.  Funny enough, they were expecting to meet a guy (which happens on occasion when communicating via email and your first name is Daryl) and we quickly hit it off chatting about Sarah's upcoming adventure to Austria, and Rommel's world as a Cross Fit trainer and their upcoming wedding in the Dominican Republic.  I instantly loved these two and with a fairly quiet Saturday morning, we had free reign to play in and around the Boat House in the park.  Take a quick glimpse at these two...

Monday, April 3, 2017

Vibecke + Frank

Stavanger, Norway

I couldn't possibly dream up a lovelier adventure than the wedding of Vibecke and Frank in the snowy mountain-scape just outside of Stavanger, Norway.  With cool moody weather leading up to the day, the clouds suddenly vanished for a crystal clear Saturday morning.  As the ladies enjoyed a bit of champagne and prep time in the city, the gents and kids spent the prior evening up in the mountains, starting the preparations for the day to come.

Leaving the city behind, we wound our way from the charming cobble stone streets of Stavanger, through picturesque mountainside towns backed by teeming waterfalls, to the powder covered ski slopes, we arrived at a simple wooden chapel surrounded by birch trees.  The tight knit family sat close, watching Vibecke and Frank, with their son Bjørn Valentino, take their vows, absorbing each word of the beautiful ceremony.

What follows is a dream by any standard.  An evening at Glitterstova, the aptly named family cabin, where we toasted with plenty of champagne and feasted on a hearty traditional stew, as the kids played in the snow, keeping warm with hot chocolate filled mugs, overflowing with whipped cream.  With fireworks to top of the evening, a delicious marzipan cake and the release of a wishing lantern into a starry sky, the couple had a magnificent celebration, surrounded by their beautiful family and loved ones.  I pinch myself that I could be a part of capturing this incredible adventure with such a wonderful family.

Tusen Takk!

PS Vibecke and Frank are both professional dancers and creative artists who met and now live in New York


"lykkelig alle sine dager"

Florist: Sølvberget
Hair/Makeup Stylist: Øyvind Wahl Jensen